Friday, August 10, 2012

11 Months

Paige is 11 months today and it is now less than 1 month before I head back to work.  I am going to miss spending all of this time with my little princess and it will definitely be an adjustment for both of us!  Paige has been using her signs a great deal more which makes communication a little easier for her.    Unfortunately Paige has also started experiencing night terrors which can occur at night and also occasionally during her afternoon naps.  Paige had 5 top teeth come in this month without much fuss, just a desire to snuggle more.  We have also started to experience some separation anxiety with Paige, which I am sure she will get over fairly quickly once she starts with daycare.

Favourite Things To Do:
Reading stories with us or to her dolls
Climb up and down the stairs
Climb everything in sight
Use the dining room chairs and stools as walkers
Open the screen doors
Skyping with family
Going for hikes
Swimming/bath time - especially jumping off the side of the pool, or putting her face under
Finger Painting
Singing and using her musical instruments
Playing with friends
Chasing Tessa
Playing in the yard and garden and tasting everything she can find
Feeding herself with a fork or spoon
Having tea parties
Play hide and seek in the family room
Watch and play in the rain
Climbing up and down the stairs
Climbing up onto our bed and anything else possible
Said Nanna
Opening doors and baby gates
Feeding herself yogurt and more liquidy meals with a spoon
Making skype calls on her own when we aren't watching
Following simple instructions more regularly
Put things into and take them out of a container
Climb down from a chair or couch
Help dress and undress herself
Favourite Foods
Plain yogurt
homemade mac and cheese (loves if it has lots of garlic in it)
apple chunks
homemade apple cinnamon oatmeal
wants to try everything we are eating and will try everything a couple of times before giving up on it

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  1. Congrats on your first 11 months of motherhood. I love the group pic ... ahem... cough, cough... ;-)